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Floors are often the most neglected and taken for granted feature of a home. For some reason you only seem to notice your floor if it’s worn or dirty. In reality, having the right flooring substantially impacts the overall beauty and comfort of your surroundings. With so many materials to choose from—hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl, laminates, even concrete—it’s hard to know exactly what is right for you. Using a flooring professional can help take the guesswork out of the process and the mystery out of the cost. Their experience and expertise are invaluable, and seeking their advice doesn’t add anything to the cost of the project.

So now that you are convinced of the merits of using a flooring professional, how do you locate one in your area? Using a matching service is an efficient and convenient way to locate a flooring professional in your area who will best suit your needs. Without leaving the comfort of your computer, you simply answer a few questions about your project, and three or four local flooring professionals interested in performing the work will contact you. A word of advice: It’s best not to use multiple matching services because you will become inundated with calls.

Once the matching service processes your request, they will provide you with contact information for several contractors who can meet your needs. Take a moment to browse their company websites, read customer reviews and see if other customers had a good experience.

Before you know, the flooring professionals will begin calling and offer to visit your home. Remember there is no charge for their services, so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. It’s best to go through this part of the process with only one flooring professional at a time, so meet with the one who made the best impression and save the others for second estimates.

Eventually, the flooring professional will arrive at your home armed with samples and brimming with advice. Show them around your home, so they can get a flair for your style. Make sure they are aware of exactly how you use the space and the volume of traffic in the area. Share your thoughts and concerns, and ask them for their ideas and suggestions. They will probably ask, but make sure they know your budget. They will measure the area and give you time to browse through the samples. Once you select the material, they will have everything they need to provide you with a written, itemized estimate which will include all the necessary materials and the cost of installation. Once you have an initial quote, you can then call some of the other professionals and comparison shop.

So, use a flooring professional to help you navigate the sea of flooring materials. Their services will add value not cost to your flooring project.
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Receive free cost estimates for flooring installation, flooring repairs, floor cleaning, and more...
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